It’s been awfully silent for over the last seven years around Snow Patrol, but now the wait is over. On the 25th of May they already released their new album Wildness and after announcing a new headline tour we can definitely say that the Irish rockers are back at it again!

If you want to see the band live, now’s the time! They just announced a massive UK and Ireland Arena tour that will take place later this year:

You can also see the band at almost all the big festivals that take place throughout Europe this summer. Snow Patrol will also head to Australia, The United States of America, and Canada.

We had to wait for over seven years to hear new music from Snow Patrol, and one of the reasons for it was because vocalist and singer of the band, Gary Lightbody, struggled with depression. “Winston Churchill had a great name for depression: his black dog. And I think that was probably it – it was just an animal of some sort that just lived with me… and that frightened me,” Lightbody told The Telegraph.

Now he knows that you can’t get through it on your own. In an interview with a Dutch program the frontman also says that: “I think that, the recovery in me started to happen once I started to talk about it.” He adds to this that things really started to change once he started talking about it to his brothers from the band, his family, and professionals. That’s when he started to come out of the darkness.

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The band couldn’t wait to start touring again, but they waited. In addition to the Dutch interview he says: “We didn’t want to come back until we had a new album. I think touring doesn’t feel right unless you’ve got new songs.” He adds that this doesn’t mean that they are just going to play new songs, but they want to give a spread of old and new ones.

Check out the new music video for the song “Soon” that was released May 30: