The hot summer is the ultimate time to look back on four time Oscar nominated film Call Me By Your Name. The story of Elio and Oliver in sunny Italy was supported by a beautiful soundtrack. This week, we take you back with 10 songs known from Call Me By Your Name.

#10. John Adams – Hallelujah Junction

The intricate sounds of John Adams’ composition Hallelujah Junction does the film great justice. Adams’ beautiful two-piano piece was written and composed in the 90s. It sets the right tone for the introduction of the film and what is yet to come. It is moving, uplifting, and shows a hint of drama. Though this piece on the record takes only 7 minutes, live it will take about 16 to perform.

#9. Loredana Bertè – J’adore Venise

This track by Loredana Bertè is one of the first signs that the story is set in the 80s. It is also a reminder of Elio’s cultural environment, being surrounded by European music in the Italian country.

#8. Bandolero – Paris Latino

‘Paris Latino’ was a hit by French group Bandolero in Europe in the early 80s. With a mix of English, French, and Spanish, it is no wonder it did so well. This is notable as well, considering Elio and everyone around him seem to know so many different languages. In the film it supports a significant scene, where Elio and Oliver play volleybal with friends. It is the first time any form of intimate contact is shown between the two main characters. Elio is touched by Oliver’s brief massage.

#7. Frank Glazer – Sonatine Bureaucratique

Back to a much older piece of music, the Sonatine Bureaucratique composition written by Erik Satie in 1917. In this instance performed by Frank Glazer, the piece in the film is the first song Elio plays for his family. Music is a major theme in the film, especially for Elio. He is clearly a talented and experienced musician, and spends many of his summer holiday hours transcribing music and practising.

#6. Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito – Lady Lady Lady

‘Lady Lady Lady’ plays as Elio watches Oliver dance with a girl in town at night. This may evoke questions with the audience about Oliver’s sexuality and his relationship with Elio. At this point of the film, feelings between the two are still unclear. Though in the film maybe not as obvious, the girl Chiara has a more significant role in the book.

#5. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Germination

A short piece leading up to thrilling events. Oliver and Elio have already acknowledged they have feelings for each other, but seem to have left it at that. At this moment in the film, Elio writes Oliver a note. ‘Can’t stand the silence. I need to speak to you.’ Now all he can do is wait.

#4. F.R. David – Words

After leaving his note under Oliver’s door, Elio receives a response. He and Oliver are to meet at midnight. In the meantime, Elio spends his day with Marzia while this track plays in the background. It almost seems the perfect soundtrack for both Elio and Oliver’s characters, both quite shy personas who are not quite sure how to word their feelings.

#3. Sufjan Stevens – Mystery Of Love

An effective way to give a film emotional load, is by adding a Sufjan Stevens soundtrack. The singer knows how to translate delicacy and subtleness into sensitive sounds. Film director Luca Guadagnino originally offered Stevens the role of a narrator, but Stevens preferred to write music instead. He explores the relationship between Elio and Oliver through themes from the script and the original novel by André Aciman. The song was nominated for numerous awards, including an Oscar.

#2. The Psychedelic Furs – Love My Way

Another hit from the 80s, this song plays as a dance track for Elio and Oliver earlier in the film. On their trip alone, Elio watches Oliver dance to this song again. It captures their freedom and joy during this trip.

#1. Sufjan Stevens – Visions of Gideon

These are the sweet sounds of a sorrowful ending. Stevens’ ‘Visions of Gideon’, also specially written for the film soundtrack, leads the outro of the film. It should be the ultimate tearjerker for the audience, as it is accompanied by tears rolling down Elio’s face.