This is our awesome We Speak Music team!

Boudewijn Boes

Editor. Has a passion for everything big that starts with a P. Prince. Prodigy. You name it.

Ciara van Wingaarden

Strives to know future hits before anyone else does. My music taste is like the Dutch weather: it can change from summer to winter in one day!

Dries Bluekens

The sun's not yellow, it's chicken!

Dries Croonen

People often ask me what music I like. I mean I like everything except the things I don't like, there's no easier way to explain it.

Esther Smits

I have a weakness for expensive limited edition vinyl and a love for everything Britrock, especially Muse, Editors and Arctic Monkeys.

Jos Willemsen

I only love true A-artists. Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire and Aosis.

Judith Scheper

Loves everything with guitars, especially when played by Bruce or Keith. Or by a slightly younger generation. Everything. Now.

Laura Wierdsma

My music ranges from pretty pop tunes to darker depressing songs and I will fight you on it.

Lotte Vanaeken

Belgian law student with a passion for music. A true Britpop lover and a huge fan of Alt-J!

Mathijs Sonnemans

Most of the time the only metalhead in the room

Micha van Hoorn

Music was my first love. But will it be my last, you ask? Answer: F*%$K YEAH!!!

Rowie van Melis

Stage diving is one of my hobbies and I know all the dances to High School Musical.

Vienthi Metiary

Friends connoisseur / Britpop enthusiast / Supermassive Muse fan