66 years old, but still going strong! Sting is about to go on tour again and his new album, featuring Jamaican musician Shaggy, will be released this April. Time for a playlist with the 10 best live performances by Sting!

#10. Shape Of My Heart @ Le Grand Studio RTL, 2016

‘Shape Of My Heart’ was written back in 1993, but the song has come back through the years in many forms. Rapper Nas, The Sugababes, Carl Thomas and, of course, Craig David used samples of the ballad in their own songs.


#9. Roxanne (ft. Stevie Wonder) @ Los Angeles, 2008

You can’t talk about The Police without thinking about one of their biggest hits: ‘Roxanne’. The rock song was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2008.


#8. I Can’t Stop Loving You @ Paris, 2017

The 66th year old rock star proves he’s still quite the performer with amazing vocals.


#7. Message In A Bottle @ Synchronicity Concert, 1983

Stewart Copeland and Sting founded The Police back in 1976. Rolling Stone magazine called Copeland one of the greatest drummers of all time, and ranked him #10. He shows how brilliant and magnificent he is on drums in this video of ‘Message In A Bottle’!


#6. Englishman In New York @ Italy, 2001

‘Englishman In New York’ is featured on Sting’s second solo album Nothing Like The Sun. The song was inspired by a quote from an eccentric gay icon Quentin Crisp, who moved from London to Manhattan: “he looked forward to receiving his naturalization papers so that he could commit a crime and not be deported.”


#5. So Lonely @ Beat Club Germany, 1979

The Police in its prime! Fantastic energy, fantastic band, fantasic music!


#4. It’s Probably Me @ Italy, 1993

‘It’s Probably Me’ was a modest hit in the 90s. Sting collaborated with Eric Clapton, who plays the guitar on this track. The song was used for the soundtrack for the movie Lethal Weapon 3.


#3. Bring On The Night/When The World Is Running Down @ Paris, 1986

Bring On The Night was a live album where Sting played with jazz legends Branford Marsalis (saxophone), Darryl Jones (on bass, you might know him from The Rolling Stones), Kenny Kirkland (pianist), and Omar Hakim (drums). The band shows its class in this live recording!


#2. Every Breath You Take @ MTV Unplugged, 1991

A piano, a guitar, drums and Sting playing a contrabass. This beautiful version of the pop ballad ‘Every Breath You Take’ had to be featured in this list!


#1. King of Pain (ft. Lady Gaga) @ Sting’s 60th Birthday, 2011

A spiced up version of ‘King of Pain’ featuring Lady Gaga to celebrate Sting’s 60th birthday! We can imagine worse ways to celebrate birthdays…