The favorite pastime activity of gamers is arguing with each other about games… besides gaming of course. But once in a while a game is released on which all gamers unanimously agree: ‘This is a good game’. Need for Speed Most Wanted (2005) was one of those games. With a lot of positive reviews and 16 million copies sold worldwide also the best selling game in the Need for Speed series. The soundtrack contributes to the illegal streetracing setting of the game so this are the 10 best songs from Need for Speed Most Wanted.

#10. Hush – Fired Up

To start off, everyone who played this game knows the soundtrack consisted of a lot of rap songs that contributed to the setting of the game. This track from the 2005 released album ‘Bulletproof’ by Hush, was very well suited for the game as it expressed the game theme while still being in line with the musical themes of the soundtrack.

#9. Hyper – We Control

A racing game soundtrack isn’t complete with some electronic tunes. One of the electronic songs on the soundtrack of Most Wanted is We Control. The very iconic musical items on this track make it an examplary race game soundtrack song.

#8. T.I. – Do Ya Thang

A song can be picked to be featured on a video game soundtrack for two reasons: to associate the theme of the game with the song or to associate the theme of the song with the game. In the case of Do Ya Thang, the latter was most obviously the case. This song screams illegal street racing.

#7. Avenged Sevenfold – Blinded in Chains

No other Need for Speed title contained as much metal as Most Wanted. Avenged Sevenfold’s City of Evil was just released when their song was featured on this soundtrack. The most iconic thing in this song, and Avenged Sevenfold in general, is the guitar harmony that’s used. But the real reason this song was chosen is probably the incredibly badass sounding ending (4:48). This part of the song was also featured in multiple cutscenes.

#6. The Prodigy – You’ll be under my wheels

The Prodigy can’t be void of a soundtrack that’s filled with energetic electronic songs. Especially not when they named a song ‘You’ll be under my wheels’.

#5. Mastodon – Blood and Thunder

Probably the most odd song in this soundtrack. A sludge metal song instead of the energetic songs we are used to by now. When you realize that even though it only has 100.000 copies sold, the album this song was featured on, ‘Leviathan’, was later chosen by critics as the best metal album of the 21st century, things might get a bit clearer. You’ll realize that the people composing this soundtrack knew what they were talking about.

#4. Celldweller ft. Styles of Beyond – Shapeshifter

Songs on the soundtrack of a racing game need to keep the blood of the player pumping. This song by Celldweller was placed in the soundtrack for just that. And it does an amazing job. Celldweller is also featured with a different song on the soundtrack of Need for Speed Most Wanted

#3. Suni Clay – In A Hood Near You

Although officially labeled as rapcore, this song is the most gangster rap in the whole soundtrack. The minor second interval in the main theme keeps the song tense and the electric guitars make it fit, yet again, perfectly in this soundtrack.

#2. Disturbed – Decadence

Decadence from Disturbed’s second Billboard top 200 #1 album Ten Thousand Fists was probably added to the soundtrack because of it’s iconic guitar riff. Together with the even more iconic ‘oh oh oh’ screams of lead singer David Draiman this song makes an excellent race game track.

#1. Styles of Beyond – Nine Thou (Superstars remix)

Rapcore at it’s finest. This song was featured as the main theme for the game. From all the songs on this list, the people at EA couldn’t have chosen a better main theme. It’s a complete summary of all the musical themes that preceded in this list: gangster rap, distorted guitars and lyrics about racing.


These are only 10 songs, the complete soundrack is much more extensive. Check our playlist:

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