It’s been a long time coming, but The Kooks finally released two new songs named “No Pressure” and “All The Time”. The two songs are going to be part of their new album “Let’s Go Sunshine”, which will be released August 31.

It’s their first album in four years, which makes us really excited for what’s about to come. Frontman Luke Pritchard says: “It was a fractured start, we went into the studio in 2015 continuing down the path we set out on our last studio album “Listen” and discovered it wasn’t what we wanted to make and wasn’t really the Kooks. So we scrapped it and started again.” He also says that it’s the band’s “most exciting album” and it should get everyone dancing.

On Twitter, the band stated that they will also be doing a UK tour to celebrate the release of the album. They state that they will be playing some small venues they haven’t played for a long, long time, so you should definitely keep an eye on it.

“Let’s Go Sunshine” will be the band’s fifth album. While you’re waiting for the new album, you can enjoy the two songs now!