The Greatest Showman is the latest musical hit. Have you already watched the film or are you curious why it’s been such a big succes? Listen to the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman and don’t hesitate to sing along!

9. The Greatest Show – Zac Efron, Hugh Jackman, Zendaya & Keala Settle

Whether you like musical films or not, you can’t deny that The Greatest Showman has a majestic opening. The title song of the movie opens the story and sets the tone of solidarity that’ll last throughout the movie.

8. A Million Dreams – Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams & Ziv Zaifman

The second song of this musical changes the mood completely. The young couple can’t be together and has to say their goodbyes. When they grow older they decide to be together again and they build their (hard) life together.

7. Come Alive – Hugh Jackman, Zendaya, Keala Settle & Daniel Everidge

Come Alive shows clearly that the makers of this movie have chosen to use modern, produced songs who contrast with the historic setting of the story. Whether this was a good choose or not, we’ll leave that up to you. But it sure contains lots of catchy tunes!

6. The Other Side – Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron

We already knew Zac Efron could dance, but this bar scene is very amusing to look at. Mr; Barnum is looking for a new partner and his eyes are on Phillip Carlyle, a rich play writer. He understands that Carlyle doesn’t really enjoy his current life and offers him to join him on this adventure.

5. Never Enough – Loren Allred

Barnum wants to try a new sort of show to convince the upper class of the city of his talent. During a visit to the Queen of England he meets a very talented singer. He decides to go on tour with her and leave his family and circus alone for some time.

4. This Is Me – Keala Settle

Even if you haven’t watched The Greatest Showman, you’ll recognise this song. It won a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Soundtrack. As the show begins to gain more and more attention, protest grows as well.

3. Rewrite The Stars – Zac Efron & Zendaya

Phillip Carlyle falls in love with a girl from Barnum’s circus. He knows his parents and family will never approve of their relationship because she has another skin colour. Carlyle is torn between his love for her and his fear of breaking with his easy and luxurious past.

2. Tightrope – Michelle Williams

At the beginning of Tightrope you could think that this song does fit in with the scenery of the movie. It starts of as a classic waltz but soon some modern elements peek through. Barnum leaves for his tour with the opera singer and his wife, kids and circus are left behind.

1. From Now On – Hugh Jackman

When Barnum comes home he sees his precious theatre burn to the ground. Protesters have set fire to his building. All his friends managed to get out but there’s nothing left of the circus. Bur From Now On