“There beneath the blue suburban skies”. The song ‘Penny Lane’ is definitely a fan favourite, but ever wondered what’s so special about Liverpool’s most famous street? Find out!

Penny Lane Bus Station

“The shelter in the middle of the roundabout”

Penny Lane is indeed a real street in Liverpool (United Kingdom), but the song is actually a reference to the Penny Lane Bus Station. Unfortunately, the bus station itself doesn’t exist anymore. The shelter that is mentioned in the lyrics, was a part of the bus station and was indeed in the middle of a roundabout. The Sgt. Pepper Bistro was built on the grounds of the shelter after it was closed, but unfortunately the bistro hasn’t been open and has been left unoccupied since 2004.


Everyday life in Penny Lane

The Beatles’ hit song is full of references of inhabitants and shops: barber’s shop, a nurse selling poppies for Remembrance Day in the middle of the roundabout, the banker and, of course, the fireman. Paul McCartney wrote the song when he had some time to kill: he was waiting for John Lennon at the Penny Lane Bus Station and wrote down what he saw. The bus station was the bus station where the Beatles band members had to change busses to get to the other band members or friends. The barber’s shop and the bank do still exist and are still located in the same spot on Penny Lane.

So when in Liverpool, make sure you visit this iconic street. You won’t be the only one: Penny Lane attracts more than 100.000 tourists every year.