A year and a half after the release of Night People, You Me At Six ìs back with a new album, coming out in October. It won’t be long before a new tour will be announced, so why not prepare yourself with these 10 amazing live performances?!

10. Stay With Me ft. Hayley Williams @ Reading, 2010

This is definitely not the best vocal performance of singer Josh Franceschi, but it is a memorable one. Paramore’s Hayley Williams joins You Me At Six on stage at the big Reading festival.

9. Bite My Tongue @ Aerodrome Festival, 2018

Have you dreamed of being in a circle pit, but never found the guts to really jump in? This video is here to show you what it’s like to be in such a pit! As you can tell, you won’t see a lot of the band performing, but man, this looks amazing to be in. ‘Bite My Tongue’ is one of the most celebrated You Me At Six songs and definitely a real banger.

8. Take On The World @ Alexandra Palace, 2017

Who doesn’t love a sea of lighters when hearing a ballad during a concert? It’s super cheesy, but it’s always a magical sight. Franseschi explained in an interview with Kerrang that the song immediately felt like something big. “It’s kinda like a declaration saying: life isn’t easy, but whatever happens, I hope I can make it easier for you and take away some of the sting.”

7. The Swarm @ Wembley Arena, 2013

As one of the comments under the video states, ‘The Swarm’ was officially written as a theme to a rollercoaster at Thorpe Park in London. Now you know this, it is easy to get hyped up by the bass line only! We instantly feel the rush of nervousness going through your stomach when waiting in line for the rollercoaster!

6. Reckless @ Lowlands, 2014

Gosh, that big sound of ‘Reckless’ is so amazing! The sea of waving T-shirts during the pre-chorus in combination with the energy coming from stage is contagious and it makes us miss the festival season already.

5. Crash @ Jakarta, 2012

The big ballad coming from one of their most praised albums Sinners Never Sleep is definitely ‘Crash’. Josh Franceschi seems to struggle to sing in key in the first part of the song, but he recovers perfectly in the second verse. As Franseschi says, this video shows the first time You Me At Six plays ‘Crash’ live, which makes it a very special performance.

4. Give @ Paradiso, 2017

With their coats still on, it may look like they are ready to leave, but nothing is less true. In this mesmerizing version of ‘Give’, they really took the time to strip the song and build it up again. The contrast between verse and chorus is extremely satisfying to hear! The video is shot in one of the most beautiful venues in The Netherlands, Paradiso in Amsterdam, right before it was packed with fans who came to see their show that evening. Simply beautiful!

3. Underdog @ Apple Instore Florida, 2012

Instores are always something special, if you ask us. It’s a chance to see a big band in an intimate setting, and ofcourse very close! This one is in Florida, with a bit of fooling around before they start playing ‘Underdog’ (1.17 minutes). It’s a song that was released in the early years of You Me At Six, but it wouldn’t look bad on an album like Night People! It definitely has that typical You Me At Six sound.

2. 3AM @ Community Festival, 2018

You Me At Six is back in 2018! Their sixth album is on its way and will be released early October. ‘3AM’ is the first single of IV, as the album will be called. It sounds a bit happier than their earlier work, but that might be just the melody. We are definitely ready for this new era of You Me At Six!

1. Night People, Shepherd’s Bush Empire, 2016

Josh Franseschi introduces ‘Night People’ with story about their new album (the song starts around 2.35 minutes). He explains that this was the longest time (to that date) they ever took to make a new album. That’s because they really wanted it to be their best work. ‘Night People’ is one of the songs with a new sound, but it still is a pure You Me At Six tune and that’s what we love so much. We’re a little sad to see so many phones in the air, but then again we wouldn’t have this footage if it weren’t for people filming it.