Having a little trouble falling asleep? Music might be your cure! Not because the songs are boring as hell, but because they’re so amazing and soothing. Sleep tight!

#12. Dido – White Flag

Let’s start off this playlist with a golden oldie. Dido is the queen of the sleepy sound thanks to her voice. ‘White Flag’ turns 15 in september. Let that sink in. Fifteen years old.

#11. Choir Of Young Believers – Hollow Talk

If you’ve seen the series The Bridge, you might find this song a little distracting because it makes you think about the show. ‘Hollow Talk’ is the theme song of the series, and also wonderfully relaxing.

#10. Fleetwood Mac – Landslide

Did you know that ‘Landslide’ is one of Fleetwood Mac’s most frequently performed songs on tour? Stevie Nicks wrote the song when she saw herself standing on a crossroad in life. Did she want to go back to school or continue her music career? The band wasn’t in the best place at that time, and their latest album didn’t do well. In an interview, Nicks says she literally felt like she was on a landslide.

#9. LAUV – The Other

You might not know LAUV yet, but that’s gonna change soon. His project ‘I Met You When I Was 18’ is bringing him to sold out venues around the world even while he isn’t in every country’s chart. ‘The Other’ is one of the first songs he released and it’s beautiful.

#8. John Mayer – Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

We think that Mayers music suits every occasion, but his music will especially help you falling asleep. That warm voice of his takes you to dreamland in a wink!

#7. Tracy Chapman – Baby Can I Hold You

Tracy Chapman has one of the most special voices of all time. We love that she uses that voice to deliver a message to the world, like she does with her song ‘Revolution’.  ‘Baby Can I Hold You’ is an all time classic that really should be in playlists like this!

#6. Birdy – People Help The People

Just the first notes of this song might bring you to say ‘yaaas’. That’s how good this song is for falling asleep. Birdy’s gentle and clear voice in combination with the piano makes us yawn already (in a good way)!

#5. Mika – By The Time

Mika is mostly known for his upbeat high pitched songs, but his music does have an other side as well. This lullaby is a great example. The song is about waking up, but we think it’s great to relax to. The choir singing in the background makes it so dreamy!

#4. Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars – Safe & Sound

Raise your hand if you’re still mourning the brute end of The Civil Wars (we’re definitely raising our hands now). This collaboration with Taylor Swift is haunting and compelling, which makes it a perfect relaxation song.

#3. Harry Styles – From The Dining Table

If you haven’t already, please put on your headphones for this song. It makes it feel like Styles is right next to your bed, playing his guitar just for you. What more can you wish for?

#2. McFly – Walk In The Sun

Oh well, here’s a band we haven’t heard of in a while. The bandmembers are all busy with sideprojects, but luckily we’re still able to listen to their old jams. ‘Walk In The Sun’ was ‘just’ a song on the album, but be careful: it might get stuck in your head!

#1. The Mamas & The Papas – Dream A Little Dream Of Me

A playlist about falling asleep is no playlist without this amazing tune by The Mamas & The Papas. Mama Cass (Cass Elliott) really sounds like a mother singing for her child, so just close your eyes and enjoy!