#10. Joey Ramone – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Charlie is traumatized by various events in his youth and is just starting a new academic year. He’s alone and two older students accept him in their group. That’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Charlie starts to tutor the gorgeous Sam, just before Christmas. Then this song of Joey Ramone passes by. 

#9. The Innonence Mission – Evensong

The sound of The Innocence Mission is known for the almost childlike voice of the singer. But that doesn’t make it less beautiful. ‘Evensong’ is one of the lovesongs that comes up when Charlie  dances with Mary Elizabeth.

#8. Galaxie 500 – TugBoat

They only existed 4 years, but in that time they released 3 albums: Galaxie 500. It’s too bad we couldn’t hear more from their wonderful dreamy indierock. When ‘Tugboat’ is on, Charlie really opens up to Sam for the first time.

#7. Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over

Of course you’ll immediately recognize this song when it comes up. Crowded House’s wonderful love song can be heard during a high school dance party in which young teenagers are (slightly uncomfortable) dancing with each other.

#6. Sonic Youth – Teenage Riot

‘Teenage Riot’ comes up on the first evening Charlie meets his new friends. ‘Teenage Riot’ is a song by the American band Sonic Youth. The band was known for their experimental sound as you can hear in this specific track as well.

#5. Morrissey – Seasick, Yet Still Docked

Morrisey and The Smiths appear several times in The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. For example on the mix tapes Charlie, Sam and Patrick exchange. ‘Seasick, Yet Still Docked’ is a typical, sad but beautiful Morrissey song and this one didn’t appear on a mixtape, but on a dancing scene again.

#4. Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen

There’s is a lot of school dancing in the movie, therefore some beautiful music appears. From love songs to dance songs. You’ll probably understand that on this track everybody is happy and dancing. Can you listen to this song and not smile or sit still?

#3. The Samples – Could It Be Another Change?

This is the first song you’ll hear watching the movie. ‘Could It Be Another Change’ is played during the opening credits. This song immediately makes you curious to the rest of the soundtrack.

#2. The Smiths – Asleep

As told before, the story takes place in the nineties, when mixtapes where hot. It’s in the time you don’t immediately can stream the song you want to here. ‘Asleep’ by The Smiths is on a mixtape made by Derek and Derek says about; ‘this song makes me a little sad, but it reminds me of your eyes’. Derek is kind of right. It is a sad song, but it’s wonderful.

#1. David Bowie – Heroes

This is the perfect song. ‘Heroes’ appears in the movie twice and the first time they hear it, it’s on the radio when Patrick, Sam and Charlie are driving through a tunnel. From that moment on they call it the Tunnel Song. But what’s it’s name? In the end, Charlie finds out, and puts ‘Heroes’ on a mixtape. Goose bumps all over the second time it appears, ‘You Are Alive’ and ‘We Are Infinite’. Remember those phrases? 

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

If you haven’t seen this movie, you really should, there’s some more beautiful music in it. Still not convinced? Watch the trailer and enjoy our full playlist on Spotify.

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