Foo Fighters returned to Sweden last weekend. It was there where singer Dave Grohl broke his leg three years ago. During that show three years ago, Grohl fell of the stage, played a long but also broke his leg. Foo Fighters had to cancel part of their tour, among which Glastonbury and Pinkpop Festival.

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This weekend they returned to the ‘disaster place’ and this is how Dave trolled the fans in the stadium. Check out the video, posted by Foo Fighters, below:

Dave Grohl Look A Like

As Foo Fighters took the stage to start with their show, singer ‘Grohl’ started to run over the stage to the platform, and directly fell of stage again. However, it turned out to be a stuntman and look-a-like. A few seconds after the fall, the real Grohl appears and the show – thankfully-  goes on.