We can already hear you think: ‘who the hell is Amy Shark?’ (unless you’re from Australia of course). Amy Shark, or Amy Louise Billings, is a 32 year old Australian woman who makes great upbeat indie pop. In Australia she is crazy popular, but the rest of the world still has to discover her. But believe us, she’s working on it and it’s worth the wait.

1. Spits On Girls

In 2014, Amy released her first ever single Spit On Girls. This song was, according to her, ‘an anthem that mobilises the sisterhood like the women dancing in the film clip’. She also mentioned that you don’t really want to be the guy it was directed to. After this, a second single was released in 2016 called Golden Fleece. This brought her enough popularity to go on tour throughout Australia, and even won ‘Song Of The Year’ at the Queensland Music Awards.

2. Adore

Time for a big hit is what Amy must have thought. After releasing only two singles she recorded this beauty. A simple yet so elegant song that everyone would love. And her audience did! The song was a massive hit single and it even ended on number two in Tripple J Hottest 100, the 100 best songs of the year according to the audience of an Australian radio station. Amy was only passed by Flume’s Never Be Like You. This song immediately made her a superstar and opened a lot of doors. It lead her to The Late Late Show With James Corden and in 2018, she went back to play it at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

3. Drive You Mad

Shark is not only a singer, she also co-directs all her videos. For example, the clip for Adore only cost her 700 dollars because she did almost everything herself. This song is taken from her debut EP called Night Thinker. The EP was once again a huge success down under, and it even got her awards like Song of the Year and Artist of The Year at the Gold Coast Music Awards. After Apple made her one of the UpNext artists, her career also started to expand outside Australia, but it wasn’t really the international breakthrough she had hoped for.

4. Sink In

Love, Simon is a movie about a gay teenager who isn’t ready to come out yet. It’s also about Simon discovering himself, a secret classmate who is in love with him, and a blackmailer who threatens to expose him.. And, Amy Shark got to write a part of the soundtrack for the movie. She didn’t write the song herself. It was done by songwriters, one of them being Julia Michaels, and they contacted her afterwards to record the vocals.

5. I Said Hi

2018 is going to be another great year for miss Shark. Her European tour has just come to an end, and she thought it was time to release something new. Her new single I Said Hi has been out for a little over a month, and it already has more than 3 million streams on Spotify! It is the number one song on the Australian Shazam charts and on iTunes and she even beat Ariana Grande and Calvin Harris. It’s a bit of an understatement to say that everything is going smooth for Amy Shark. We are terribly excited for her debut album coming out July 13, and so should you.