If you’ve seen The Fault In Our Stars and pretend you didn’t shed a tear, you’re a liar. This romantic drama won awards all over the world and lead actors Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort have been all over the big screen since. No time to rewatch this masterpiece? We’ll make you relive the story with these 10 songs.

#10. Jake Bugg – Simple As This

After meeting him at a support group, Hazel gets invited by Augustus Waters to come watch a movie at his place. When they start talking, Hazel tells him about her favourite book: ‘An Imperial Affliction’ by Peter Van Houten. Augustus not only promises he’ll read the book, he also vows to not text or call her before he has finished it. While waiting for Augustus to finish the book, Hazel realises that friendship could be as simple as this.

#9. Tom Odell – Long Way Down

When Hazel arrives back home after another night at the hospital, she realises she has to keep her distance from Gus, as she doesn’t want to see him get hurt. She sees the old swing set in her garden. She tells Gus about how sad the old swing set makes her feel. Together they decide to sell the set online. “Desperately lonely swing set needs loving home. Lonely, vaguely pedophilic swing set seeks the butts of children.”

#8. Grouplove – Let Me In

Against all odds, Hazel and her parents convince the doctors to continue their planned trip to Amsterdam. Together with her mom and Augustus, she’ll fly to The Netherlands to visit her favourite writer Peter Van Houten. It was the American band Grouplove that provided the song for this positive moment.

#7. Charli XCX – Boom Clap

When arrived in Amsterdam, our young lovers are astonished by the beauty of the capital. They discover the city together and can’t believe they’re finally there. ‘Boom Clap’ is the most uptempo song on the soundtrack.

#6. Indians – Oblivion

Indians is one of the less famous bands on the soundtrack of The Fault In Our Stars. You can’t properly visit Amsterdam without a boat ride. Hazel and Augustus discover the little channels of Amsterdam on the notes of ‘Oblivion’ by this Danish band.

#5. Afasi & Filthy – Bomfalleralla

Finally it’s time to go visit author Peter Van Houten. Our two young lovers are excited to meet the writer of their favourite book ‘An Imperial Affliction’. Hazel and Gus are warmly welcomed by his assistant, but Van Houten himself doesn’t seem to know he invited them… Before being scaring them away with his insults and rudeness, the author makes Gus and Hazel listen to some Swedish hiphop. This strange song by Afasi & Filthy marks a turn of events in the movie. Van Houten is not the nice person Hazel had in mind and she starts to regrets even traveling to Amsterdam.

#4. Ray Lamontagne – Without Words

On their last night in Amsterdam Augustus tells Hazel that he’s sick again. Cancer has spread all over his body. After this awful news and their failed meeting with Peter Van Houten, it’s very quiet on the flight back to the US. No better fitting song than ‘Without Words’ for this scene.

#3. Kodaline – All I Want

Back home, best friend Isaac needs their help. His ex-girlfriend broke up with him because he was going to go blind after surgery. Gus, Hazel and Isaac go to the girl’s house to throw some eggs at her car. When her mom opens the front door, Gus scares her off with these iconic words: “You see, we may not look like much but between the three of us we have five legs, four eyes and two and a half working pairs of lungs but we also have two dozen eggs so if I were you, I would go back inside.”

#2. Birdy – Not About Angels

Gus’s condition gets worse and worse and eventually there’s nothing more the doctors can do. Augustus Waters might be gone, but he has one last surprise for Hazel. After the funeral, Peter Van Houten shows up and wants to Talk to Hazel. Augustus had written him a letter.”I’m a good person but a shitty writer. You’re a shitty person but a good writer. We’d make a good team.” Even if he never had the chance to read it, he gives Hazel the ending of ‘An Imperial Affliction’, as a last wish from Augustus.

#1. Ed Sheeran – All Of The Stars

Ed Sheeran has the honour to mark the end of the movie. This song was written especially for this motion picture but was also featured on the deluxe edition of Sheeran’s second album X.“I can see the stars from America. I wonder, do you see them too?” If you’ve seen The Fault In Our Stars, you’ve seen some stars of America.