U2, My Bloody Valentine, Kodaline, The Cranberries, The Script and so on. Ireland is a home to a lot of musical greatness from the last decades and to continue that tradition, a new band has stood up, The Academic. If you already got the chance to see them at one of many summer festivals they played, lucky you! If you didn’t, they just announced a European tour so get your tickets while you can. And those of you who are really big fans of WeSeakMusic might have already noticed that we are fans and like to include them in our playlists.

1.Northern Boy

Every band had to start somewhere and this was the beginning for our Irish lads. They started playing in half empty pubs on bingo night but now they are conquering the world with the help of band like The Kooks, The Strokes and Catfish and the Bottleman who are all fan and ask the band to jion them on tour. Their songs are about growing up in a small town an hour South of Dublin and how that experience affected their life, good and bad. But nevertheless tey are extremely catchy.

2. Mixtape 2003

If you want to know how we discovered The Academic, well this is how. Their song Mixtape 2003 was out summer jam of 2016 and they left an impression. Not only on us but the song gained some radio attention and they started making a name for themselves. The young and unknown guys from Ireland are not so unknown anymore and expectations for their debut LP are starting to grow.

3. Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Why Can’t We Be Friends? was one of the leading singles for their 2018 debut album Tales from the Backseat. But how did the band bewome friends? Well it’s actually quite a random story according to Spotify and their own Facebook. They all lived in the town of Mullingar (the hometown of Michael O’Leary from Ryanair and Niall Horan from One Direction). When they met at highschool, they were united by their love for toasted sandwiches. They also enjoy stealing eachother’s french fries, impersonating Bruce Springsteen’s voice and watching Nicholas Cage movies. In case you were interested in some actual interesting information, just Google them.

4. Bear Claws

For the first time ever we can’t choose between two different video clips for the same song so we just decided to give them both. They are both for one of their biggest hits Bear Claws but they are very different. The first one is quite weird and it might make you a bit dizzy. Our advice with it is not to watch it when you’re drunk or high. The second one is maybe even more special. It’s the first ever music video made using facebook live. The band noticed that there is a delay between what you record for a facebook live broadcast and what is shown to the viewers so they used that to buid up their song layer by layer. And with success, this clip traveled all over the worl and already has more than 2.2 million views.

5. Different

This is actually their debut single from 2015 but it gained popularity as a single from their debut LP. This debut LP, Tales from the Backseat was even on number one in Ireland for a week. You may think that that isn’t so special but this was the album that dethroned Divide by Ed Sheeran after several months at numer one. So you know it’s worth listening to if one Irish ginger gets followed by the other.