Voice modulators were pretty common in the eighties to give a song some extra
oomph. Electric Light Orchestra used them too, in their biggest hit ‘Mr. Blue Sky’. The first time, around in the middle section when we hear “Mr. Blue sky,
Mr. Blue sky” (at 2:33), it’s sung a bit slower to make the words sound somewhat more incomprehensible.
But, it’s pretty easy to hear what they say. Skip to the end
however (at 4:50), and this
modulated voice comes back, this time less comprehensible. Because it was
there a minute ago, most people will think it is singing the same line

Well, that’s where you are wrong. The voice doesn’t sing:  “Mr. Blue Sky”. It actually sings: “Please, turn me over”. Mind blown? Not really probably. Back in ’78 singles were released on LPs. And as we all know, LPs used to have an A and a B-side. Mr. Blue Sky was on side A. By the end ELO’s own Richard Tandy humbly asked you to turn over the vinyl and listen to the B-track, ‘One Summer Day’. 

Then why do
we all still sing ‘Mr. Blue Sky’ at the end of the song? Well it’s pretty easy
to hear this line in that same voice we heard a short minute ago. So we think we’re hearing something while we’re actually not, our mind is just playing a little
trick on us. 

True Story

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